Guitarist’s Way

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The Star

Morning Mood

La Bergamasca

Folk Song

Loads more exercises coming soon.

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11 Responses to Guitarist’s Way

  1. Francesco Averna says:

    Hello there
    I am a 63years old Big fan of Alan
    I’d like to ask one thing about a guitar chord…
    Which is the correct name of a C chord played without the middle finger on the second freet in the D string. …thank you very much for the answer!
    All the best!

  2. mark says:

    hi alan greta web site by the way doing a greta job….

    i have a question what software do you use to develope your videos to show the chords and note selection strumming patterns .

    keep up the great work

    • alan says:

      Hi Mark
      I create the graphics using Adobe Photoshop then add them to the raw footage a frame at a time using Adobe Premiere Elements.
      Best wishes – Alan

  3. Uli says:

    Hi Alan!

    Im playing by your tutorials every day.
    Tanks a lot for this service and the good quality of your sides.
    Im also training AIKIDO every week.
    Whats your style of martial art?

    Yours Uli

  4. Santi says:

    Alan, Thankyou. 🙂
    Just browsing on YouTube and I land on your vids..
    I hope you grow every day in success good sir, and thank you once again for your beautiful illustrated videos, what a superb teacher you are:).

  5. elena says:

    Love this section. I have a classical spanish guitar and these videos are great to get me practising. Maybe you can do some more videos soon?

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    • alan says:

      Hi there!
      I would be more than happy to exchange links.
      Your links will appear on the “Other Links” section of my site.
      Best wishes.

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