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Each video lesson I create takes on average 6 hours to produce. If you have found them useful please consider making a small donation either through the PayPal or gofundme buttons below. Donations will allow me more time to create more lessons, fulfill personal tutorial requests and secure this site as a free resource.

Thank you for your support.
Best wishes.
Alan (Guitar Tutor Man).

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American users please note:
Andrew from New York has found a workaround for the paypal donation page which allows non-UK users to donate. Before you change the country value you have to enter the donation amount in the form. Once you’ve got that value entered you can then successfully change the country and it will update the address format. Otherwise you just get an error and the form resets back to the default country of United Kingdom. A big thank you to Andrew for this helpful information 🙂

50 Responses to Donations

  1. Liz S says:

    Greetings from the Oregon coast.
    Merry (early) Christmas.
    Just paypaled you.

  2. Tony Little says:

    Hi Alan,
    Just a quick message to express my appreciation of your website. Came accross it when browsing and wish I’d found a long time ago, it spur me on and got me out of “the rut” that beginners sometimes find themselves in. You have a fabulous collection of songs, something for everyone. I have made a contribution via Pay Pal, hope you get it, and I am sure it won’t be my last. Great songs, great playing, great voice and enthusiasm.
    Brilliant, thanks for a terrific website.
    Tony Little (UK)

  3. Charlie says:

    Hi Allen,

    Just wanted to say thanks. Used your site to find the chords for Sing a Rainbow. Thanks a lot 🙂 Left a small donation.

    Best wishes from France,


  4. bernard says:

    Hi Allan ,

    I am French , 70 years old , and now , i am trying to sing with a guitar . Very difficult
    to sing and playing guitar at the same time but not impossible ! I hope a first simple song at the end of this year .
    And your site is wonderful for that ! The best i have seen on the web .
    So I donate for you this morning
    Have all the best for your life , Thank You very much
    bernard , sorry for my very poor English !

    • alan says:

      Hi Bernard, thank you for your kind donation and nice message, I really appreciate you supporting me and hope that you continue to enjoy playing and singing. All the best from Wales – Alan 🙂

  5. Leslie says:

    Hi Alan,
    thanks a lot for sharing your incredible work! I’m in awe …
    You for sure represent the internet at its best: sharing knowledge and teaching skills to make the world – no kidding – a better place. You make people happy because they can learn how to play their favourite songs, and these people can spread happiness when playing these songs to others.
    I’ll recommend your website to my friends, so hopefully you’ll get more visitors and donators.
    A humble donation and all the best wishes from Germany,

  6. BW says:

    Alan, thanks so much for doing what you do. It has been very helpful to me.

  7. John Prewitt says:

    Alan I noticed you’re using GoFundMe and wanted to recommend a site/service called Patreon. It’s touted as the “best crowdfunding site for artists and creators” and watch a few Youtube shows that are made possible by it. I believe people may set up donations for each video that you post. Might be worth checking into for funding!


  8. jose luis camus says:

    I really apreciate more Tabs. If you have tabs (the same as the video song, of course) Please let me know it and fix a price for them.
    Now I ‘m intrested in The sound of silence,( S&G) operator ( J. C)

  9. David Coleman says:

    Hello Alan,
    I came across your website by chance a few weeks ago, and wanted to show my appreciation. I have been subscribing to a site in the USA for the last few months and have paid them $13 a month. But I got more out of your website in a week than I ever did with them, so I reckon you deserve my money more! I’ve just set up a monthly donation of £10, and will consider it money well spent for the fun and pleasure I get from learning the songs you offer (where else could I find ‘As Time Goes By’, ‘She’s Electric’ and ‘The Philosophers Song’ all in one place! :-)).
    I started playing guitar in my late-40s and, five years on, am really starting to feel like I can play a bit. Your lessons give me a huge number of songs I can use to practise and improve and, like I said just now, a load of fun and pleasure too.
    Thanks, Alan.

  10. Tony Brucato says:

    Hi Alan, I have been enjoying your videos, and the way that you produce them in a no nonsense manner. I’ve been able to learn a few new songs from you, in record time.
    I”ve sent you a donation as a token of my appreciation.
    Thank you so much!
    Tony from the USA

    • alan says:

      Hi Tony, thank you for your kind words; I am really glad you enjoy my videos. Unfortunately I have not received a donation from you through PayPal or Gofundme and can only assume there was a technical issue during the transfer. Best wishes with your playing and thanks for trying – Alan 🙂

  11. Hi Alan,
    just found your tutorials by accident. And I don’t know what to say. Your tutorials are just the best I’ve ever seen. Being a professionell music producer in Germany I’m working with a lot of musicians and I have to say your website is a must for every guitar man!!!
    I leave a small donation to support all of your work.
    My son is a guitar player too and loves your tutorials!
    Keep going, Alan!!!!

    All the best from Germany
    Regards, Andy

    • alan says:

      Hi Andy, thank you for your kind donation and lovely comment, I really appreciate you supporting my efforts. All the best to you and your Son – Alan from Wales 🙂

  12. Bing says:

    Dear Alan,
    Thank you so much for your tutorial videos and tabs, which are the best for beginners like me. I just sent a small donation via paypal to show my apprciation and support.
    Happy New Year!

  13. MO Meghji says:

    Alan, in these days when all sort of teachers are cropping up with paid guitar lessons ( I actually buy some) , it was so refreshing to come across such a beautifully generous person as you, offering first class guitar lessons free of charge. You are a true lover of guitar music and your magnanimity is truly incredible. Here’s my $50 as an initial donation. Keep up this wonderful work, Alan. Greetings from Canada.

    • alan says:

      Hi Mo
      Thank you for your kind and generous donation and lovely message. I really appreciate you supporting my efforts.
      All the best with your playing and Happy Holidays to you and yours. Best wishes for 2016 from Wales – Alan 🙂

  14. john prewitt says:

    I know it’s not much but I donated $5 USD, and I usually never donate. Your site and videos are just so good I NEED to give you some money!

  15. Alan says:

    Hi Alan.
    Found your website, after re-taking up the guitar after 40 years. Had a old jumbo acoustic in the attic all that time gathering dust. I always fancied a Gibson Les Paul in my youth, but could never afford one. I wanted to treat myself for my 60th, so I finally bought that Gibson, a 2015 Les Paul Classic (Fab guitar).
    I was surprised when I went on the web for help, there were so many sites. Then realised that only a few actually helped. I now automatically go to yours, as it certainly is the best to learn new songs and guide on how to play. In addition to that, you even provide the song sheets!
    I’m getting there slowly, but much quicker than when I tried to originally learn, by buying songbooks and trying to listen to records (nightmare!).
    Keep up the good work
    From one Welshman to another “Diolch yn Fawr” from sunny Porthcawl.
    I will donate accordingly.

    • alan says:

      Hi Alan

      Thank you for your kind donation, I really appreciate you supporting my efforts. Also thank you for your kind message; I to originally learned by buying songbooks and trying to gain some knowledge by ear (I wish the Internet was around when we were kids it would have made my progress a great deal easier). I love Porthcawl, it has a great beach where we walk our dogs during the holidays (across to Ogmore). Best wishes with your new found enthusiasm (and your cool guitar). Thanks again – Alan 🙂

  16. James says:

    Alan, I am an instant fan of of your no frills approach to presenting & teaching guitar. It is head & shoulders above any paid sites I have seen so the simple fact you have put so much effort into it with a trusting nature of donating makes you a winner, regards James

  17. Luis says:

    Gracias desde España
    Con mucha diferencia, los mejores tutoriales que he encontrado, a lo que hay que añadir una pagina web perfecta.
    Echo de menos algunas canciones importantes como puede ser “Angie”, “No woman no cry” que son canciones sencillas y buenas.
    Tienes todo mi apoyo y serás la pagina mas recomendada en mi circulo de amigos.
    Hasta pronto

  18. Labaume says:

    Hi Alan first I want to apologise for my bad level in english so I will try to be speed and efficient. The videos you post are so well done that you change my way to apprehend the guitar. I’m French and I talk to all the beginners I meet about you cause your videos are so easy to undetstand. I’m sorry cause I can’t givr you the donation you deserve cause it would represent a fortune so I just CAN give you some dollars and all my gratitude cause you changed my way to apprehend my way of learning guitar. Best wishes to you and to your family for this new year. Please don’t change anyghing you’re the best agent for Lacoste!!! Take care see you

  19. Calder Gill says:


    I was in a bit of a guitar playing rut until I stumbled upon your youtube videos and then website. I am blown away! Thank you so much for such an amazing resource. Wish we had more people like you in the world! Will definately be making donations and thanks again!

    – Calder

  20. Vivek says:

    Hi Alan,
    I’ve been following your site for a while now, and I am at loss for words to describe your extraordinary contribution. Eternal thanks for being one of the best music teachers I’ve ever come across. I indeed am forever grateful to you.

    Can you please me with the following? I’d also like to donate from my end. But, I am planning to buy an acoustic and classical guitar immediately. So, I thought I’ll do the purchase through your site along with the donation. I am totally confused over what brand of guitar to buy, both acoustic and classical. Although, I asked people around and surfed the net, but still, the confusion is merely aggravating. So, I though, you being my virtual GURU( and I really mean it!!!), asking you would be the best option. Can you please help me out? Thanks in advance.

    • alan says:

      Hi Vivek and thank you for your kind comment and support. Buying an acoustic or classical guitar can be a bit daunting (there is a lot of choice) and they also come in a wide price range. I can suggest a few acoustics though at different price ranges. Yamaha F310 full size acoustic – £103 Lindo Feeling Series Electro Acoustic Guitar with LCD Tuner XLR/Carry Bag – £162 Lindo Piebald Ash Master of Tone Series Electro-Acoustic Guitar with Integrated Pre-amp /LCD Tuner – £260.64 Vintage Gordon Giltrap Signature Series – £349
      Here is a classical guitar that seem pretty good to me: Lindo LDG-960CEQ Electro-Acoustic Classical Guitar with Canvas Carry Case – Natural Gloss – £134
      I hope this helps.
      Best wishes with your playing – Alan 🙂

  21. Andrew says:

    Hi Alan,

    Just found your site today and I wanted to thank you, fantastic stuff.

    Your song selection is great and I really enjoy way the you’ve put your videos together. Unlike other guitar instruction videos I’ve seen people do where they just ramble on talking forever before they start showing you anything, you just get right to the instruction and get on with it. I also really like that you show the chord diagrams and the strumming patterns right in the video, extremely helpful.

    Also I wanted to mention I found a workaround for your paypal donation page which allows non-UK users to donate. Before you change the country value you have to enter the donation amount in the form. Once you’ve got that value entered you can then successfully change the country and it will update the address format. Otherwise you just get an error and the form resets back to the default country of United Kingdom.

    Thanks again !

  22. Kari says:

    Hello Alan,

    I’m more than happy to donate. This site is awesome and you have such a beautiful singing voice. Thnx!

  23. Kirby says:

    Hey Alan,

    As a few others before me, I’m from the USA and am having issues with Donating as well. Your site is amazing and well done. I would like to show appreciation and gratitude for your dedication and hard work you have put into this site by graciously donating to the cause; however, the address format is causing my card to be rejected. Perhaps you have found a work around or maybe you could talk with PayPal and ask them if there is anything that can be done.

    Again, thank you for assisting me in pursuing something I fell in love with … Guitar Playing.



    • alan says:

      Hi Kirby, I have dropped them an email but had no response as yet. Thank you for your kind words of support. Best wishes – Alan 🙂

  24. Phil James says:

    Hi Alan….
    My name is Phil, and I live in the Rhondda. Just before last Christmas, my wife came across my old guitar in one of the wardrobes. It is nothing fancy, but I’ve had it longer that I’ve been with her, and we’ve been together 40 years. It’s an old acoustic Eros Jumbo, which my mother bought me when I was 13 …. that was 45 years ago.

    Anyway, I had a little strum, and Lyn suggested it would be nice if I take some on-line lessons … and I agreed that I would add it to my bucket list.

    Since then she has treated me to a Squier Telecaster, and I’ve bought a Rockburn Les Paul copy myself. The lessons are going well, I’m really enjoying myself.

    I especially like watching your tutorials, some I can attempt, some others are a little more difficult, but I’m confident I’ll get there eventually. It’s a pity the web wasn’t around 45 years ago …. like you said in one of your responses, everything had to be found in books in those days (Good old Bert Weedon eh???).

    I’m mainly concentrating on the theory side of the instrument, but I’m also getting in to the Luthier side of things, and I have bought many tools to set-up my own instruments …. some people would be surprised how much better these cheaper guitars sound if someone spends a little time setting them up correctly.

    Anyway, keep the lessons coming, you are doing a fantastic job!!!
    I am making a little donation, it’s not much, but I hope it shows my appreciation for your efforts. I’ll try and make some more over the coming months….

    Keep up the good work ……..
    Phil (From the good old Rhondda Valley).

    • alan says:

      Hi Phil
      Thank you for your kind words and your support for my site and videos, I am glad you find them useful. You are right, a little tinkering can make even the most battered looking guitar sound great. I still use my old bowl back Pilgrim acoustic that I bought in 1983 from the Kingsway Centre in Newport in a few of my videos (I added an electric pick up recently and a new scratch plate as I nearly wore through the wood playing it over the years). All the best with your playing, you are never too old to learn (I get more enjoyment playing now than I ever did as a young lad). Best wishes from Cwmbran – Alan 🙂

  25. C. SULLIVAN says:

    Alan, Your you tube site excellent and your singing in meter is best.
    I have the same || donating || experience as Robert Shaw.

    Not knowing what your ‘deal’ is with you tube I suggest you make the provisions
    to get donations from the US. I’m sure they’ll be huge !

    • alan says:

      Thank you for your kind words. I do not know why some U.S. citizens have trouble donating but hopefully PayPal will sort it out eventually 🙂

  26. robin singer says:

    love your website for guitar instruction. Left you a donation as a thank you for teaching me some songs! keep strumming!

  27. Robert Shaw says:

    Hi Alan,
    Great website and lessons, really helpful. So I actually tried to donate but even using CCard with US country designation the Paypal site required a county in UK…..oh well. could not get Paypal site to cooperate.
    Will try again, but know that your site is very appreciated.

  28. Bert Wijts says:

    Hi Alan,

    It is impossible for me to explain in a few words how exceptional your website and your work is. No bullshit, no need to pay after a few clicks, to see more.
    You just give the whole package (and i think it is A LOT) for free, and let viewers decide whether your work is appreciated enough to support. I think this is great.

    Your way of teaching (sing along, showing chords, strumming patterns, and the possibility to download song sheets, all for free ) made me feel like walking in a toys store, as a kid, just before christmas.
    Thank you for that!

    Please accept my first, modest donation as a sign, that your work is very much appreciated.

    Merry Christmas, to you and your family!

    Bert Wijts, the Netherlands

    • alan says:

      Hi Bert, I really do appreciate your kind words and support, I remember how tough it was when I first started playing to find good resources (no YouTube or even Internet when I was a teenager); we had to buy the songbooks or learn by ear if we wanted to work out a song so I am glad I can help others now. Best of luck with your playing. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Alan 🙂

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