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Detuning Your Guitar By 1 Fret

You can download free chord chart posters by clicking HERE!

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  1. Hi Mike,
    You are providing a Fabulous Resource.
    Could you please tell me how to download an editable copy of the song sheets that retains the position of the chords.


    • alan says:

      ?Hi James

      Thanks for your kind words. Let me know what you want and I will attach some Word file song sheets for you via email.

      Best wishes – Alan πŸ™‚

  2. Vicki says:

    Hi Alan,

    Great videos! They are by far the best I have seen on the net. I like the fact you don’t talk and just get on with it. You also leave just enough for us to work out ourselves which is also good. You version of Hallelujah is by far in my option the best I have seen. So I will get practicing. Keep up the amazing work. I know it takes a lot of time but you do an amazing job.

    Vicki Australia (ex pat)

    • alan says:

      Thank you Vicki, I appreciate you taking the time to provide a nice, positive comment. Best wishes – Alan πŸ™‚

  3. Steve Ashley says:

    Hey Alan,
    I appreciate your passion and hard work on the web site. I’ll definitely donate when I am able! Do you plan on doing any Jim Croce tutorials? I’m learning Operator now and it’s a finger picking challenge.
    I do a lot of hand scrolled wood musical jewelry as well if you want to check out my guitar and pick chokers.

  4. Franz says:

    Hi Alan,
    How are you making that Bb chord in the (Days/Kinks) video.Do you press the D,G,B strings on the third fret as the video suggests and if so which fingers on which strings as I just cant figure it outand would really appreciate some feedback on this.P.S. really love your site and plan on making a donation one day ! Franz , Dublin/Ireland

    • alan says:

      Hi Franz, I am barring three strings with my ring finger. I do this because I have quite thick fingers so placing then individually on the strings is tricky for me. You can use your middle, ring and little fingers instead of just the ring as a bar; there is an image of this in the chord gallery of this site. Best wishes – Alan πŸ™‚

  5. sumit says:

    thanks for great lessons.
    what kind of a mic do you use to record.

  6. Patrick Tachynski says:


    If it’s any help to you I own every Lick Library DVD ever put out and recently transferred to a Hard Drive for quicker cataloging all in ISO format. Total size 1.7 Terabytes so now every disk of the originals are safe from damage. The most resent Stuff I’ve been collecting is now the TrueFire DVD’s disc collection is one 500 to 600 Disc’s. If your interested in acquiring any for use with lessons I’d be happy to transfer any you could use. For a complete list email me @ [email protected]

  7. Patrick Tachynski says:

    I must say you a fantastic player and even a better teacher. So many YouTube videos are just blank but the work you put into your videos are nothing short of amazing. I’m an avid photoshop user Manly web design along with 3D Max for animation. So I understand the work you have painstakingly put into your work. Frame by frame then compiling it thru Abobe Premiere. Frickin awesome and time consuming how do you ever get the time to play? I guess total devotion. So my hats off to you Bro and I’m sure everyone else appreciates the efforts. And free you will be getting a donation from me also. Last be least I have one request for Kid Rock All Summer Long if possible.
    Thank You
    Toronto Canada

  8. Martin says:

    I agree that with your web site one gets the vocal, chords played and best of all the complete song words with tabs that many sites are incomplete on. Keep up the site and I’ll be sending $$ plus putting you in my will to get my collection of guitars. Keeping the talk to a minimum is a pleasure. 2/22/15

  9. Mark Østergaard says:

    Hi Allan. I must say, you do a GREAT job on youre web site. I have lerned all about playing my guitar from you, i will most deffentley add you some coins for this. love the way you show how the songs are played.
    kind regards from Denmark

  10. C. SULLIVAN says:

    Alan , Do you sell the soft ware to make your dynamite videos ??

  11. C. SULLIVAN says:

    Alan , Do you sell the software you use to make your dynamite videos ?

  12. Karl Brennan says:

    Is this called a 1/2 step or a step? when you detune?

  13. Laura says:

    Hi!! This is Laura, from Spain. I would love to play and sing “No matter what” by Papa Roach. Please make a tutorial!!

    (Sorry for writing my song request here, I couldn’t write it where it has to be)

    Thank you! πŸ™‚

  14. Ed says:

    Hey Alan, saying hello from Dallas, Texas, and thank you for the guitar lessons. I recently got back to playing again, and your lessons are, by far, the best I’ve found on YouTube for new beginners like myself. Love all the Pink Floyd/David Bowie lessons, and specially the one Joy Division lesson you did. Good luck with your band.
    I actually appreciate that you don’t talk, and go on about stuff on the lessons, but by all means, say hello back when you get a chance. I’m currently working on “Wots…Uh The Deal,” Do you have any suggestions on finding the lyrics for that song on the net? I’m a bit hard of hearing, and am not catching on some of the verses. Thanx again.

    You’re AWESOME DUDE. I will definitely make some contribution$ in the near future.

    Adios Partner,

  15. piano says:

    how could i do if i cannot play bar chords?

  16. Doug Long says:

    Wow! That is an amazing amount of work to get every chord and strum synchronized. Well done! Thanks so much. I’ll send a donation, when I can, from my meager pension.

  17. Doug Long says:

    Absolutely the best guitar teaching lessons on YouTube! Congratulations Alan.

    What software do you use to capture your chord diagrams and strumming patterns? Do they automatically sync with your playing?

    Many thanks for all your hard, creative work, great singing, playing and teaching.

    • alan says:

      Hi Doug,
      I create all the graphics using Photoshop then add them to the raw footage a frame at a time using Adobe Premiere.
      Thanks for your intrest and support, much appreciated, Alan πŸ™‚

  18. please talk says:

    do you talk at all?

  19. Mike McReynolds says:

    I just reviewed your video “Detuning Your Guitar By 1 Fret” thanks. When would I do this and for what reason?

    • alan says:

      Hi Mike.
      Some songs were written with the guitar tuned down by one or more frets (to better suit the singers vocal range).
      I have created a few video lessons where I had to do this e.g. Home by Chris Daughtry, so that I could create the tutorial in the same key as the original.
      Its not essential to do it (it depends on your own vocal range – you could for instance use a capo to increase the pitch). I added that tech video to give people an easy method of detuning to the same key as the tutorial.
      I hope this explains it ok.
      Best wishes.

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