Bad Moon Rising – CCR

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Bad Moon Rising – CCR

Song Sheet:

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Alan (Guitar Tutor Man).

8 Responses to Bad Moon Rising – CCR

  1. Loren Baker Michigan, USA says:

    Thanks so much Alan! I will be sharing many of these with a great young friend of mine, 11 yr. old, Jacob. As soon as I get some funds, I will certainly donate whatever I can. I don’t even want to mess around with anyone else’s tutoring videos! Including the strumming and chords as they are being played on the screen is the greatest! I will check out the rest of your site, but I am thinking you could be making some serious money doing what you love, and are blessed at. It is crazy awesome that you put so much work into all of this, and give so much of it away free. I hope life is giving just as much back to you, my friend. I do everything I can to help promote what your doing. Thanks again!

    • alan says:

      Hi Loren, thank you for your kind words of support. I hope Jacob finds my videos useful. Have a peaceful and Happy New Year – Alan 🙂

  2. blake says:

    Your online lessons are awesome. I used to play guitar on and off due to the fact getting lessons were to expensive or just playing boring tabs that were not very helpful. Your lessons here make playing guitar more enjoyable and i have fallen back in love with the guitar. Thanks Alan keep on rockin!!!

  3. Marcus says:

    Hey Alan,

    thank you very much for this and all the other Stuff – Great !

    Greetings from Germany,

  4. Klara says:

    Hi Alan,

    thanks a lot for this website and your online lessons – they are great!
    I’ve just started to play the guitar and your site is the only one I could really use to learn new songs! And you’ve choosen great songs!
    Thanks a lot!
    Lots of greetings from Germany,

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