Imagine – John Lennon

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Imagine – John Lennon

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Alan (Guitar Tutor Man).

13 Responses to Imagine – John Lennon

  1. imi says:

    I appreciate for the time you consider to teach and guide people for learning guitar There are so many people who think,they can teach and play guitar but there is much much difference among them You are perfect awesome and the one who really play and sing wonderful. I wish and hope you get all the think and imagine of the Lord and i am sure you get it

  2. Veikko says:

    Hello Alan, just wanted to share that i have played guitar for less than two weeks. Started with Justinguitar beginner lessons. They were great, now i have found your sites and learning to rock so fast that I am too excited to put guitar down. I am soon able to play this trought and sing at same time altought I am struggling with F chord but what beginner doesnt? After this song moving on to redemtion song also found at your site. Thank you so much for sharing all this knowledge for free!


  3. Terry says:

    Great tutorials. You have help rocket me along my learning curve. Please keep it up. Lost a wife to cancer and this is my way of healing. Only wish I had started years ago when I procrastinated. You have no idea how helpful you have been in more than one way. Thanks Alan.

  4. craig says:


    I had some basic guitar lessons 20yrs ago and been self taught since. Then a few weeks ago I found your website. Your website has helped me to improve my playing.


  5. yaqoob west says:

    ive been trying to learn the main part of thi song for mounth but thanks to you ive just learnt it whithin minuites 🙂

    • alan says:

      I am glad I could help, best wishes – Alan 🙂

      • Alden says:

        Hello -Cheer’s across the pond from USA..I was playing this ok before,Strumming bare fingered,But your version here,the vocal fit’s better.As usual,I learned a song from across the pond folk.Many friend’s there.This Riff Fmaj7 to C work’s superb.Cant wait to see what other goodies are here.My word,if I frequent your site,I’ll gladly donate.Lovely song from a gift artist to the world,Mr Lennon.RIP… Great site and Great demo Alan,Kindest Regards,Alden

  6. angel mercado says:

    You’re a great teacher. Thanks for your lessons

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