Space Oddity – David Bowie

Chords Used:

Space Oddity – David Bowie

Song Sheet:

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Alan (Guitar Tutor Man).

18 Responses to Space Oddity – David Bowie

  1. cj says:

    most xelent

  2. Akis says:

    You’re the best!

  3. I ‘m very glad to have this song explained, Alan ;
    in a couple of months, I’ll be able to play it at normal speed may be ?
    you are great and you’re a good singer too 🙂

  4. Haizea says:

    This is my favourite song and learning to play it has been amazing; the finger charts are brilliant. Thank you so much for the guidance! 🙂

  5. Francisco says:

    Thanks, Alan. It´s the best tutorial I´ve ever seen for guitar playing. Incredibly clear, with visual guide to follow in every moment. You´ve worked it a lot. I´m a bad guitarist but I´ve been able to play this wonderful Bowie´s song. The problem for me is my voice. It doesn´t reach the higher tones as easy as yours. Are you a music teacher? If it´s so, your students are lucky with you. Thank you again.

  6. says:

    Fookin…..nice mate!

  7. kolyan says:

    Thanks for a very helpful video, it’s great and easy to follow even for total beginners like me… Your whole website is brilliant, especially the beginners section of it. I really built up my skill a lot with it.
    BTW, there’s a typo in “theres”))

  8. Jen says:

    I’ve been watching your tutorials for a few weeks now. I absolutely love them! You are by far the best I’ve come across on youtube. Thanks so much for your dedication to this, it’s amazing what you do.

  9. deniz says:

    beside your playing, i really like your voice. thanks a lot for the tutorials 🙂

  10. Luis says:

    Hi. I am from Spain and I would like to donate something more than zero but I have not been able to do it or I have not known how to do it. I am sorry! Admirable your work!!

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