Hey Jude – The Beatles

To play along with the video, here’s how to detune your guitar by 1 fret:

Chords Used:

Hey Jude – The Beatles

Song Sheet:

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6 Responses to Hey Jude – The Beatles

  1. Michelle says:

    Excelent tutorial 🙂 I’m playing it right now but I have silly fingers and I can’t make the change from F to Eb, at least not for now, is there an easy way to play it without torturing myself? LOL

  2. cambis says:

    such a great song !
    excellent too to pratice the F chords and the Bb chords 🙂
    but for the eB, my hand is too small right now …
    thank you so much Alan

  3. iapilgrim says:

    Thank for your lesson.
    It’s great.
    But I can not follow the beat. Could you give the notation?
    Here is my guess
    Down | Down Up | Up Down | Down Down Up ( F)

    Is it correct?

    • alan says:

      I am sorry but this song does not have a definite strumming pattern throughout (it is pretty free flowing and wide open to interpretation) so it would be too time consuming to lay it all out in a text file 🙂

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