Fat Bottomed Girls – Queen

To play along with the video, here’s how to detune your guitar by 1 fret:

Chords Used:

Fat Bottomed Girls – Queen

Song Sheet:

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2 Responses to Fat Bottomed Girls – Queen

  1. Thomas Rasmussen says:

    Hello Mr. Robinson

    First you have a great voice and your are amazing guitarplayer. I´m trying to teach my self guitar and I have found your lessons online. Maybe it´s me but I have trouble with the strumming pattern, I can´t “read it” and put into my playing. Do you have any solution to what I can do. I have tryed to slowed down on youtube but it dosent work for me. Any solution to how to learn the strumming pattern.
    Kind regards
    From Thomas / Denmark

    • alan says:

      Hi Thomas, thanks for your kind comment. Unfortunately this song does not have a regular straightforward strumming pattern which can make it very difficult for beginners to get to grips with. If you are new to guitar then a slower paced song with a regular strumming pattern will probably suit you better til’ you gain confidence. Sorry I could not be of more help but all the best with your guitar playing – Alan 🙂

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