If I Fell – The Beatles

Chords Used:

If I Fell – The Beatles

Song Sheet:

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8 Responses to If I Fell – The Beatles

  1. Thomas says:

    nice performance on this simple yet difficult song… I like your website, seems quite nice

  2. Princess Dickens says:

    Hi, I found this through your Youtube tutorial. It’s a fantastic tutorial but I still can’t seem to get the strumming pattern down. Do you think you could tell me in terms of “D” or “U” or “DU” for example for downward and upward strokes respectively. I just can’t get it on my own. I would appreciate that so much! thanks already for the awesome tutorial!


  3. pnwcyclist says:

    Thank you! You presentation looks very clear and uncluttered. Just what is needed and no more. I look forward to giving this a try. (^_^)/

  4. Stuart Smith says:

    Thanks for this song sheet Alan……The Beatles wrote some lovely stuff and the chords are amazing as is shown in this song.
    The opening chords are a challenge especially the Ebm, Db and Bbm but after that it just flows.
    Thanks again

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