Half The World Away – Oasis

Chords Used:

Half The World Away – Oasis

Song Sheet:

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6 Responses to Half The World Away – Oasis

  1. ann mccann says:

    hello Alan,
    I found your site by chance – love the way you show strumming patterns. As a struggling learner your videos and song information may (one never knows) improve my chances of being able to get something back for my efforts. Brilliant.
    many thanks
    ann mccann

  2. Lisa says:

    This is perfect. I’m so glad I found this site! Cheers! x

  3. Alec Bourne says:

    Wow Alan,

    I found your site by chance this morning on YouTube, I’ve only so far flicked through a couple of videos, but had to write. You’ve done some amazing work here, great job! These vids are perfect for beginners!

    Have a great morning & Ciao from Tuscany

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