Love Hurts – The Everly Brothers

Chords Used:

Love Hurts – The Everly Brothers

Song Sheet:

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2 Responses to Love Hurts – The Everly Brothers

  1. Geoff. Lomas says:

    A small drink on its way in honour of my mastering ‘Love Hurts’, but one question if I may; you appear to show three strings of the Bb as being covered by the third finger. Am I reading this correctly? If so, I find this impossible and so cover the B,G and D strings with my 4th, 3rd and 2nd fingers respectively. Is this allowed?!

    • alan says:

      Hi Geoff and thank you for your kind donation, its greatly appreciated (I will drink it later) 🙂 Your method of playing the Bb is perfectly fine, I play it as a partial or full bar chord because my fingers are like thick sausages so I find it difficult to fit all three comfortably next to each other on the same fret. Best wishes with your playing; I am glad you find my site useful. All the best – Alan 🙂

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