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Left Hand Fretting Key

Fretting Hand

This is by no means a definitive list; I will be continually updating it. Just click the individual images below to view them full size 🙂

You can also download free chord chart posters by clicking HERE!

A Chords:

B Chords:

C Chords:

D Chords:

E Chords:

F Chords:

G Chords:

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Alan (Guitar Tutor Man).

19 Responses to Chord Gallery

  1. Kim Allender says:

    I love the new chord chart. This is so sweet of you. Thanks so much.

    • alan says:

      Thank you Kim, I am looking for new ways to improve the site and I am glad you appreciate it. I will be posting a free chord chart for you to download in the next few weeks – Best wishes, Alan 🙂

  2. alain massez says:

    this site en all it belongs helps me a lot.
    i,m 46 years and learn to play gitaar en chords en tabs enz was always a dream for me but i never hat the money for the gitaar school i a,m invalid en now ai have a gitaar given bij mij son en now ai can learn a lot.

    verry mutch thanks

  3. Albert Kruegel says:

    Hi Alan, I wanted so tell you that your site has been very helpful. I am trying to learn how to play guitar and I dont have much money to take lessons. However, I will look to provide some donations for your hard and thoughtful work. Thank you again so much. I appreciate the great songs you chose. Best wishes.

  4. Binki Steele says:

    How incredible!!!! Very inspiring. Can’t wait for my students to return from school holidays so that I can share your site with them. Thank you for your dedication to helping others learn this amazing instrument. Hoping my playing will improve too, as your videos are very clear and easy to follow. Bless you Alan.

  5. seyma says:

    hi alan.i wanna thank you for all these looks like you have a really big heart and generous knowledge.your lessons are amazing.i hope you can climb the stairs of success easily on your way and help the people play guitar and share the beautiful songs to the world.thank you :)))

  6. Max says:

    thanks a lot man 🙂

  7. Jules says:

    Hi Alan, I am a 70year old on an old age pension and I really appreciate that you put these lessons on u tube for everyone to learn to play guitar. My fingers have lost their flexibility over the years but following your lessons, they are starting to get a bit freer. So once again , thank you.

  8. Mehran says:

    hi Alan I just wanna say I’m from Persia n my friends n I use ur lesson it’s great
    I’m playing guitar for 10 years but always need to be better
    U teach very simple n it’s very good,
    In Persia u tube is filter n it’s hard to see all ur videos, what should we do?
    Tanx n best wishes for u,,,?

  9. Bree Burkhard says:

    Hi Alan, Just found your site; it is awesome and thank you for extending your knowledge to others who would like learn guitar. I really like you Beatles selections.

  10. Texzy says:

    Wow!!!!……….This is lovely……….nice 1 bro

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