** Free Chord Posters! **

These posters took a long time to create; if you find them useful please consider making a small donation via PayPal or gofundme to help with further site expansion and administration.
Thank you so much for your support.
Alan (Guitar Tutor Man).

47 Responses to ** Free Chord Posters! **

  1. Manuel Perea says:

    Hi Alan, I hope all is well. I am your fan and I appreciate your videos. I am trying to discover the notes to the song “Night of ranging storm” by the great Terry Reid but I can’t. Could you do a tutorial on it? Thanks a lot.

  2. Roja says:

    Hey Alan. Love your videos. I was wondering if you could do Come on Let’s go by Ritchie Valens. Or maybe any songs by frankie valli and the four seasons. Ritchie is my idol, being the first Hispanic star in America. I’m really getting into guitar and I also play saxophone and piano. Your videos make learning songs 100 times easier. Thank you πŸ™‚

  3. Dee says:

    Hi Alan

    Love what you do, always did.
    You helped many times and your presentation is just spot on.

    There are a couple of songs that I would love to play from Idlewild (Great Band)
    These are “I am happy to be here tonight” from Hope is important.
    And “Quiet Crown” from 100 Broke Windows.

    Never found them anywhere.

    Keep on Rocking!

  4. Danny Joseph Scanlon says:

    Such a gift thank you for your time, its so choice that you share and teach guitar. Plus, you’re very good at it. I was putting my scopes on “Gentle on my mind” and was totally Impressed. Thanks again for your gift and making it free wow that’s a gentleman for sure

    Danny Jo scanlon.

  5. Daniel J. Scanlon says:

    Wow, such a choice gift teaching guitar so others can get the joy of music. Some will use it to relax and others will become songwriters and perhaps perform. And etc. But thanks to you for your time and doing this for free. It’s a gift truly a gift. Thank

    Danny jo

  6. pet says:

    I saw a couple of your guitar tute videos on youtube and went from there to your website. What I found there- ukulele tutorials- was pure joy. But there was only one uke video that I could find. Am I missing a button, link or some other way of getting to additional ukulele material?

  7. michael King says:

    I Really Appreciated the way you teaching play the guitar. I Would appreciated if you can record the song by John Denver( home again ). the reason why I ask its because there is a patten on your right side as you play and it makes it eaer. thank Michael

  8. Tanya Mieszkowski says:

    Hello! I saw your video after searching a long time for the strumming for Mother. It was awesome! I spent about an hour trying to write it down (I’m just learning–not too successfully at the moment), but I wasn’t able to do it. Is there any way that you could write it out? I swear: I would be eternally indebted to you! I really want to learn this song, and I tried doing it on my own for a week without any success. It might be that it’s just too hard for me, but I really want to give it my best shot. Thank you for any additional help you can give me! I’ll be happy to make a donation! Tanya

  9. Musaengana Musaengana says:

    Thanks for the free chord posters, will definitely visit your site in future to learn more about playing the guitar.

  10. Frieder says:

    Hi Alan,
    today I sent a smalll donation.
    I see a lot of work you did and I use tutorials, songsheets…
    The stuff is really very helpfull.
    A question for the chord posters:
    With A3 they are perfect to put them on the wall. For me it would be great to have one more information to every chord so learning could be a bit more easy. And I think the space should be enough. So, would you be able to add under every chord the five lines with the six (or less) notes and their names?
    I would do it by myself before printing, but I can’t do it with a pdf-file πŸ˜‰

    Ok, and then I hope you will continue your activities, producing video tutorials, sheets…
    best wishes from Germany, cheers,

  11. Susie says:

    I would like to request for the song “Thank you for the music” by ABBA? thanks

  12. Niti Chuaiwong says:

    Hi Alan! Can I donate via Bitcoin? Thank you so much for great everything! πŸ™‚

  13. Lucafo says:

    Hi Alan, what a nice job you’re doing
    I’ll make a donation in a very short time
    It’s the less I can do !!
    Thanks a lot and keep on playing !!!

  14. Hélène Riche says:

    Thank you so much for everything, i am glad to learn so much from your web site, i will send you a great Money donation as soon as it is possible for me, you are doing an excellent work, very good job, thank you again, thank you so . . .
    i’ll get back to you with plenty of money . . .

    From Paris with love . . .

    Hélène Riche

  15. Jankowski Hartmuth says:

    Hi Alan,
    unbelievable, all the lessons are free?
    Till now I always payed for guitar lessons in the internet.
    I will stop this and donate it to You in the same way.
    I’m an older boy and I receive my pension.
    Your lessons are fine for all generations.
    Go on, Alan
    Best regards from the wild south of Germany

    • alan says:

      Hi Hartmuth
      Thank you for your kind and generous donation, I really appreciate you supporting my efforts.
      Best wishes from Wales – UK.
      Alan πŸ™‚

  16. Elaine says:

    I am a mother of 3 years old girl and have just started to practice guitar. I have recently learned ‘you are my sunshine’ from your youtube and we have had a great time singing along with a guitar:)
    Thanks for your sharing.

    • alan says:

      Hi Elaine, thank you for your kind and generous donation, I really appreciate you supporting my efforts and am glad you find my site useful. Best wishes to you and your family – Alan πŸ™‚

  17. Stephen says:

    Great work Alan. I’m a relative novice (teaching myself for a year or so) and have found your tutorials extremely helpful and inspirational as I progress through my guitar playing journey. You also provide a really good mix of popular tracks to easily play along with as well.


  18. Africano says:

    I am eternally grateful for the service you provide. Your tutorials are the only ones that are clear and organized (consistency). The songs you pick are also somehow on spot every time. I’m sure you have heard all this before.
    So here’s some that’s otherwise. There’s the valuable information you provide, and there’s the manner via which you do it. I don’t know you personally, but you’re there standing as hope and beacon, to strive for something bigger than ourselves. Such is the message for me anyways. I won’t forget.
    Thank you kindly

  19. Barbara says:

    I have both Classical & Acoustic 6 strings, & an Acoustic 12 string. All 3 have been “on ice” far longer than I’d care to admit. I was in a near fatal car accident a number of years
    ago, leaving me with a head injury & some other problems that led to my disability retirement from law enforcement. Although I was a fairly accomplished player, I’ve been too afraid to open a guitar case for fear I won’t remember anything. I’ve often searched the Internet for something/someone to help me relearn what I’ve lost.
    …. And now I’ve found you! In the UK, no less! Sure wish you were a bit closer to Colorado….
    Can’t thank you enough for your site. Found you on YouTube initially demo-ing “Make You Feel My Love” Incredible job! I’d love to keep in touch, Alan. When I can, I’ll also contribute some $ to your project. Best of luck! And thank you so very much! I feel as if you have given a piece of my life back to me that I thought was gone forever. πŸ™‚

    • alan says:

      Hi Barbara, I am glad you are rediscovering your love of playing and that I am playing a small part in that. I wish you all the best now and for the future. Best wishes from Wales – Alan πŸ™‚

  20. Kimbo says:

    Thanks for sharing your talent and making things easier, so pleasant.

  21. rose says:

    Had seen few tutorial on youtube that brought me to your website. Great allan. Im learning with one of your song. Thanks

  22. Clyde says:

    You have by far the best guitar lesson videos. I would love to see the camera mounted over your right shoulder looking down onto the fret board just as you are looking when playing so I could see the fingers on each fret. No one ever does this but if they did it would be great. Keep up the great work. Clyde

  23. Peter Townsley says:

    I’m a beginner guitarist. Was almost giving up until I saw your losing my religion video on YouTube . I have been hooked ever since. The strumming patterns you provide with the half speed tutorial at the end are brilliant. I have learned so many new songs that I thought were beyond me by doing this and then building up the speed. Love the site and recommend to everyone I know. Great work man.

  24. bill says:

    alan I really appreciate all the work you’ve put into this project. I play out quite a bit and this makes my life a lot easier. as soon as im able to ill be making a donation to your site.

  25. Peer says:

    Hey there.

    In case there’s any lefty players theres in need for fretboard notes 1-24/chord diagrams I can send them to Mr Alan.
    Cheers up and don’t forget the many lefty player out there.

    Regards /W

  26. paul malcolm says:

    hi thanx for the Free Chord Posters i took them to the poster shop and they made me some nice glossy posters for my wall the posters have helped me out a lot they have saved me lots of time not having to look up chords on computer is there any chance in the future you might make more as they are really helpful and they look great on my wall thanx again i really appreciate your site.

  27. looks good letget started

  28. Robert Landry says:

    Hi can you send me the chord for Space Oddity thank you.

  29. Gary Lyon says:

    Hi there just want to say your videos are brilliant to learn from for me and my son they have helped us so much. We were wondering if you could cover some jake bugg stuff. He is a new upcoming singer songwriter from england and his songs are brilliant! Me and my son are struggling with a song called me and you and would be greatfull if you woukd cover it and any other jake bugg songs you like which will be a few I think. If you like acoustic stuff youl love his work.


  30. I really appreciated the way you teaching. Thank you so much!
    Can you teach me plucking like “yellow by Cold play ” it’s so very fast I can’t caught up.
    When I’m pause it’s jump ready….

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