Father and Son – Cat Stevens

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Father and Son – Cat Stevens

Song Sheet:

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Alan (Guitar Tutor Man).

7 Responses to Father and Son – Cat Stevens

  1. Juan Suárez says:

    Hi Alan:

    Cheers from Spain again. Now I am playing Cat Steven!!! thanks to you.
    My woman is very happy singing this son with me. She is British aswell, from York.

    Best regards.

    Juan S.

  2. Charlie says:

    Salut Alan.

    Greetings from France. Discovered your website when I started playing guitare. I’m now able to play many amazing songs watching your well made tutorials, thanks you a lot for that.

    Best luck in life!

    PS : wud be amazing if you could publish more Cats Stevens songs tutorials.

  3. Luis Hernandez says:

    Hi Alan : great job !! super explanations, very slowly ..ideal for mis 68 and my will to learn guitar after all ..I will sing Father & son to my 5 children in my 69 birthday next march 12th
    wish me luck!
    Luis -punta del este -Uruguay

  4. Luis Hernandez says:

    I ´ve already made a donation via pay pal ..you deserved it !!

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