When I Fall In Love – Nat King Cole

Chords Used:

When I Fall In Love – Nat King Cole

Song Sheet:

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4 Responses to When I Fall In Love – Nat King Cole

  1. rick says:

    I think you have done a wonderful job in the way you present this. The show stopper for me is that I can’t print the song and then play along with you presentation. I assume I am missing something but don’t know what.

    Again I think your presentation is wonderful.

  2. chris says:

    Hi Alan, first of all i love this tab, this song means alot to my grandparents and my grandad sings it alot. i have learn it but havent played it with him. I just wanted to know is it in the same key as the nat king cole version? thanks. im in liverpool not to far from wales maybe i could get a few lessons haha

  3. Stephen says:

    Awesome lesson, Alan. Thank you so much for making all the intricate details so clear. Plus your playing and singing skills are really good. There are a lot of sweet sounding techniques and skills you use, like pinching strings, a slide, mixing strumming with finger-picking, the diminished chords – really nice, and you are able to play and sing at the same time – very nice. Thank you for your fine work!! I spent a few hours writing all the chords and techniques down, and I am working on learning to play and sing the song as you do. Thank you!!

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