Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

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Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

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One Response to Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

  1. Donna Van Dries says:

    Thank you Alan,
    I taught myself to play guitar when I was 14, and then took lessons for about 3 years until I was 17. My ultimate song to learn way back then was Stairway to Heaven in 1978. Well I mastered it and must have played it a million times. Well then life got busy with raising children, working,etc. and I only played now and then. I lent my Ovation to my little cousin that has a band because I had hand surgery and I haven’t seen it since, so my husband bought me a new Martin dreadnought for our 36th anniversary. That was always my dream to own a Martin. So, I sat down to play old Stairway to Heaven and I couldn’t remember the first rift. AAHH NOOOOOO! I’m 56, so I thought I was getting old-timers disease. I played so many of the songs from the 60’s and 70’s so I have looked at some of the guitar tab websites and there are so many versions and they sound nothing like what I remember. I just started taking guitar lessons again from a 35 year old who has no clue about many of the songs I want to play again, so I have been searching on-line for the right sound. Leave it to you Brits to have the sound…..thank you, thank you , thank you!!! I am so glad for the video instruction that I can practice at home and the song sheets that I can take to my teacher. I love guitar and of course my favorite band from the old days would have to be Led Zeppelin. I just recently saw Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters in San Antonio, Texas. He has some phenomenal guitarists playing for him. I sat on the front row and watched this guy named “Skin” play “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”. It was absolutely beautiful acoustic. It really pumped me up and I decided that I am going to make that my next goal. I love England….been there many times, especially to Oxford, as my brother got his D.Phil from there. I would come every year but unfortunately, as an American, it is so dangerous to travel anywhere right now. Thank you again for sharing your talent with the world. Donna Van Dries

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