Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen

Chords used:

Video Tutorial

Hallelujah intro, verse & chorus tab:

If you can stretch with your thumb, here is an alternative open chord to the F11 barre chord. Place your index finger on the B string 1st fret, your middle finger on the high E string 1st fret, your ring finger on the G string 2nd fret and fold the end of your thumb over the bass E string. Its a natural chord change from the Am as your index finger does not move off the B string (just back slightly) during the change.

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  1. David says:

    I was saddened to find out that your youtube channel was terminated today. I hope this is by mistake on youtube’s part. I’m hoping to see your video’s up again soon, I’ve been using them to teach myself the passed couple months.

    • alan says:

      Hi David. Google Support has told me that all content should be back within 24 – 48 hours. Best wishes – Alan 🙂

  2. Andy Anderson says:

    Good Morning!
    All of the comments for this lesson are from 2012, so I’m not sure if you will get this or not. However, there are a few comments. First off, thank you very much for the lesson. It took me a little while to get the rhythm of the song, and when I did, the reward was huge. I’ve always like this song, so, thanks for that also. Third, as I know this song very well (I basically know it word for word), I have found some omissions in the verses. The timing won’t change, but it would be nice to sing through with the omitted words added, at least for me. I am including the lyrics below. Again, thanks for your work. It was nice to have such a good break down of this song.

    Well I heard there was a secret chord
    That David played and it pleased the Lord
    But you don’t really care for music, do you?
    Well it goes like this: the fourth, the fifth
    The minor fall and the major lift
    The baffled king composing Hallelujah
    Hallelujah [x4]
    Your faith was strong but you needed proof
    You saw her bathing on the roof
    Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you
    She tied you to her kitchen chair
    She broke your throne and she cut your hair
    And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah
    Hallelujah [x4]
    Baby I’ve been here before
    I’ve seen this room and I’ve walked this floor (you know)
    I used to live alone before I knew you
    And I’ve seen your flag on the marble arch
    And love is not a victory march
    It’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah
    Hallelujah [x4]…

  3. Antonella says:

    Hi Alan,
    I’m writing from France, since I have heard that my son will be singing Space Oddity with the school in occasion of the international day I have started to learn using your video on YouTube. I have visited more videos but I like yours the most. I’m only a debutant but I feel I can eventually achieve to play the song, maybe in few years time…
    Now I have a question for you, did you also do a tab for the song? I think if I have a tab it will take less years. I could get any other tab but I really like your arrangement.
    Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge, I really appreciate it.
    Leo and mom

  4. Oláh Károly says:

    Dear Alan. I learn with you this beautiful song. This is the second day, and it goes better, than yesterday. Thank you for this easy tutorial. I will learn with you playing on the guitar. Thank you.

  5. miguel says:

    So I learned a version of this song a while back but then I forgot how to play it. Luckily, I found your vid on YouTube and I also found these chords. Thank God I found this tutorial, it really helped me out because I need to learn this song for a show in a few days so thank you so much!

  6. john Mcovish says:

    pretty awesome this tutorial, thanks for help people,like me that are new in the guitar,
    best tutorial i ever see, wishes from Venezuela

  7. edgar says:

    the tutorials are amazing and i wish to get better withe time i am just 13 years old and its hard playing for so when i found this website i thought it will be like other websites who just talk but dont show nor make sense so now that i found your website i have gotten more better and once again thanks

  8. hakoo says:

    thank u so much !! this is a great and easy tutorial in the same time !!! carry on matt !! 🙂

  9. AussieGirl says:

    1st song I ever learned to play on guitar…. Hallelulah
    Date I learned to play it? … today!
    Thanks so much Alan, I adore this song and you play it so beautifully, I found your tutorial invaluable. I love that you give a plucking guide as well as the cord timing, I
    will be coming back!
    Now, must go practice…. 🙂

  10. Alberto says:

    Alan i really appreciate your lessons they are very good i hope you upload someday a lesson about some hank williams jr ,lynyrd skynyrd ,elvis, or maybe the highwaymen songs , i would be very thankful 🙂 sorry for my english, i´m spanish. You rock!

  11. daniel says:

    super chanson. Superbement interprété et trés bien expliqué

  12. Roger says:

    Thanks Alan, your excellent layout of the lessons combined with your singing is leaps and bounds above so many others. Sent a small donation in appreciation of the enjoyment you have given me. After two years of learning, I can finally play and sing a long to a few of the songs here. Looking forward to what 2013 will bring.

    • alan says:

      Hi Roger, thank you for your kind words and donation, they are very much appreciated; You have made my day.
      All the best with your playing and Happy New Year.
      Alan 🙂

  13. Bartek says:

    Hi Alan ,your whole work is awesome!
    Take care of yourself!:)

  14. Patryk says:

    Hey, greetings from Poland.
    You ROCK!!! \m/_ d-.^b _\m/

  15. Armand says:

    Merci Beaucoup vos Tabs m’ont vraiment aider Mr.Alan 🙂

    Thanks from France 🙂

  16. Jim says:

    Fantastic website. You are a great guitar player.

    This is helping me and my wife to finally learn playing some guitar without going to music school!

    • alan says:

      Thank you very much for your kind words, I am so glad my videos are helping you and your family. All the best with your playing.
      Alan 🙂

  17. sulma says:

    Eres fenomenal……………;O)……….

  18. Jan says:

    it’s a very nice song and you play it also very nice alan

  19. Alex says:

    Hi Alan
    Thank you for your great tutorials, as said before, simple and to the point
    all the best from Moldova (Europe)

  20. Maria says:

    Dear Alan,

    I’ve always wanted to play “Hallelujah” and your tutorial has helped me a lot! Thank you very much, it’s really simple to understand and totally helpful. Keep going on, you’re doing a great work!

    Best regards 🙂

  21. Hanno says:

    Hey Alan,

    Would just like to thank you and leave some more positive feedback here, you have no clue how much that video helped (as well as the alternative to playing that F11, I’m still a beginner and struggling a bit)

    Saw a bunch of your other videos and I’m really excited, feels like I’ll be able to play something for the first time and make it sound nice!

    You’re doing an awesome job, and I’m sure everyone appreciates the effort!


    • alan says:

      Thank you, I really appreciate your kind words; your positive feedback keeps me motivated. Best wishes with your playing (the hard work involved in learning the guitar will pay off, it is very satisfying).

  22. yanglin says:

    Hi Alan,

    this TAB is absolutely brilliant! its just the one i have been looking for, i am self-taught finger style guitar player, will start learning this today, is there a way to download this TAB and print it off?

    cheers from New zealand

  23. Erwan says:

    Hello Alan,

    I thank you for all these tabs and all the time you take for us 🙂

    Sorry for my basic language, I’m a french…

    Good luck at you and continue,

    An youtuber.

  24. Ruben Aguirre says:

    Alan, you are a fantastic teacher, and a brilliant guitar player as well. I stopped playing guitar for about 2 years, and your lessons are fantastically refreshing.
    God bless you, have a nice day.

  25. Dan says:

    Dear Alan,

    I am a 17 year old aspiring guitarists and your tabs have proved so helpful. All of your tutorials are excellent. Hopefully I can play like this someday. Thank You So Much.


  26. DOUG SIMPKINS says:



    • alan says:

      Thanks for your kind words Doug, I am happy my videos are working for you.
      Best wishes with your playing.

  27. Anton says:

    Danke, aus Österreich.
    Hast mir sehr geholfen!

    ( Thanks, from Austria. Do me a lot! )

  28. Quan says:

    Hi Alan,
    great Tabs and Lessons! They are so useful!

    Best wishes from Germany!


  29. Marina says:

    Thanks from Spain, your tutorials are very helpful, the best guitar tutorials on youtube 🙂

  30. carine says:

    wonderful Tuto…;-) Thanks!

  31. Jérémy says:

    I used to play classic guitar (for 11 years…), and I begin to play with an accoustic one but I can’t get the patterns of the song, and your tutorials are great for that.
    Big Thanks from France

  32. Felix Ramos says:

    Alan, your tutorials are AWESOME, simple, and to the point. I will definitely recomend your page and give some donations. Keep the good work!

  33. herman says:

    Dear Alen
    Your tutotials are wonderful and very effective. I’m a 63 years old autodidact on guitar but this lessons help me more than years practising. I’m very thankful, keep on going and the best wishes for 2012. I dare not ask but if you ever find the time…the song Native from Griffin House.

    • alan says:

      Hi there!
      Thank you for your very nice comment, I really appreciate you taking the time.
      Best of luck with your playing in 2012.
      Happy New Year.
      (p.s. I will look into your request).

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