Wonderwall – Oasis

Chords Used:

Wonderwall – Oasis

Song Sheet:

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Alan (Guitar Tutor Man).

5 Responses to Wonderwall – Oasis

  1. Nikita says:

    Hi Alan, I really appreciate your work. You do incredible things and you do them for free. Thanks to you, my guitar training is going pretty fast. If I ever become a rock star, I will definitely dedicate a song to you 🙂
    I love you, thank you for your work.

  2. Steven E Van Der Wee says:

    HI Alan, thanks for the tutorial. I think I now have most of the strumming patterns figured out now and I can fake it through some of the tricky parts.
    I think your format is really comprehensive, much more than some of the other guitar tutor sites.

  3. Robbie Williams says:

    Thanks a lot for the tutorial and the song sheet, they help a lot!!! The only thing is that I am struggling with the strumming pattern in the chorus ( Cadd9, Dsus4,G repeat ). It just doesn’t click!!!

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