With or Without You – U2

To play along with the video, here’s how to detune your guitar by 1 fret:

Chords Used:

With or Without You – U2

Song Sheet:

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Alan (Guitar Tutor Man).

11 Responses to With or Without You – U2

  1. Franco says:

    Thank you so much! Please keep them coming!

  2. thanks alan,you teach me how to play my kinda music!

  3. Aphrodite says:

    Hello, thank you for all your videos they are really helpful! Is it possible to make a video on how to play the song ‘still loving you’ for beginners with the solo part and everything?

    Thank you,

  4. Ken says:

    Hi Steve/Anne,

    It is easy to do with a work around. Save the page complete (file – save as) and in the folder you will see two images called song sheet 1 and 2.
    Hope this helps a bit.

  5. Steve Hopper says:

    Hello Alan

    I’m afraid I have only just found you, but so glad I did. I have listened to a couple of your lessons and have found them such a relaxed and easy way to learn.

    I do believe that “Anne” was referring to the ability to download/print the lyrics. It is very difficult with the lyrics at present being an “Image” on your website, and would be so much easier to download as a simple “Text” file.

    Looking forward to browsing the rest of your lessons.



    • alan says:

      Thank you for your kind words Steve. I understand that text files would be easier for people but unfortunately trying to format them in WordPress is a real pain.

  6. Anne-Sophie says:

    Hi alan,
    first a BIG thanks for you lesson, I’m lovin’ it !!!
    And, I have a question, do you think you can add change the pictures (of the lyrics) by a text ?
    thanks a lot and keep going on (do you think you can give a lesson for “everytime” of simple plan 😉 )
    Anne-So french fan

    • alan says:

      Hi Anne, thanks for your kind words.
      I will look into your request, but could you clarify your question I couldn’t quite understand what you were asking.

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