Brain Damage – Pink Floyd

Chords Used:

Brain Damage – Pink Floyd

Brain Damage – Pink Floyd – Guitar Lesson from Alan Robinson on Vimeo.

Song Sheet:

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13 Responses to Brain Damage – Pink Floyd

  1. Terry Owens says:

    I love this tutorial. I was wanting to know if this is your interpretation or do you use any Pink Floyd sheet music or song books?I noticed that there’s a Pink Floyd song book advertisement in your sidebar.

  2. Vlad says:

    Thank you, Alan.
    You are truly the best source of tutorials for beautiful classic songs like this.
    Greetings from Russia!

  3. folex says:

    Hi! First, thanks for your unbelievable amount of work!
    Is it possible to add right hand fingering as a text here? It would be more than great!

  4. Tom Bollan says:


    I’m just starting out understanding the chord patterns and plucking and of all the iPad apps, websites, I’ve found yours the most helpful as it has the chords, idea for strumming patterns and words tot eh songs id love to be able to play. It is often a gamble with a paid site or app that it suits your style of learning and your site is perfect for all, it’s really helped me progress. Great library of tunes, many thanks!- Loving the Floyd!

  5. Ben Samson says:

    Woaah I really love this website man, you’ve got a great collection of great tutorials, I really appreciate that you’ve taken your time to make all these lessons! Thank you so very much for making this free and everything, this is probably my favourite site right now for learning songs on ma guitar 😀

  6. CESAR says:

    Hola Alan:

    Agradezco enormemente haberte encontrado eres el mejor y estoy maravillado con tus lecciones de Guitarra las sigo al pie de la letra sobre todo PINK FLOYD que son mis preferidos desde que era chavo, te saludo desde MEXICO con admiración y respeto. sigue así para todos aquellos que no tenemos medios necesarios para aprender. Saludos

  7. Frédéric de Buisseret says:

    Hi Alan,

    First of all, i wish you all the best for the year 2013!

    Thank you so much for your tutorials. I’m a great fan of them, especially the Pink Floyd ones. Please keep them always accessible for all of us, even for people that have poor means.

    I keep my thumb up for what you do!

    Greetings from Belgium,

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