My Way – Elvis

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Alternative Chords For Beginners

My Way – Elvis

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Alan (Guitar Tutor Man).

17 Responses to My Way – Elvis

  1. John Kim says:

    thanks a lot for great tutorial!!!!

  2. Rafael Carlos Giusti says:

    Alan, thanks. I’ve been learning a lot with you. My first donation will done done soon. Please do tell me if I could ask you ask you to play a new song that is not included in your play list.
    Rafael from Brazil.

  3. Myres Hopkins says:

    again, key words are – vassourinhas violão – …… can´t write quotation mark here.

  4. Myres Hopkins says:

    Hi Alan, my comment has nothing to do with ‘my way’. Sorry I couldn´t find a better place, as I lost the track of the page where I saw the dead link for “Frevo – Olinda”. This is just a suggestion on where to find something about that. I live in Recife/Olinda área in Brazil, where ‘Frevo’ is the main rhythm played during Carnival. It is wild, phrenetic! high energy. A classic tune in Frevo is called ‘Vassourinhas’ (= little blooms). So, the keywords for youtube search could be “Vassourinhas’ is the name of the classic tune and ‘violão’ means acustic guitar in Portuguese language. The second in the list describes better what I mean. I just wondered you might need some clues from a local. Good luck, Myres

  5. Myres Hopkins says:

    Yes! Now, back in Brazil, I can try my guitar after 10 years being musically quiet in New Zealand. There, my husband was a well known Jazz drummer.
    Thanks for that. The donation is just a symbolic encouragement.
    Good on you.

    • alan says:

      Hi Myres
      I am sorry if I got your name wrong in my previous email, I really do appreciate your kind support. Best wishes from Wales UK – Alan 🙂

      • Hi Alan, no problem. The email in paypal is for my small company called ‘Aprenda Plugado’ (= learn plugged in).
        By the way, I wonder if you can enable a ‘search’ by music name in your website. 🙂 All the best, Myres

      • Hi Alan, I just realized my donation to you while ago didn´t go thru. I don´t go to my paypal account often, but now I am hosting people from overseas for the World Cup and I just saw that my payment didn´t leave my account. My credit card had explired and I didn´t know. Now it is ok, I just sent you some donation. I wonder you can confirm if you got it? If possible. Thank you. I got a Paypal confirmation number but I don´t know if should post it here.

  6. Marcos Santos says:

    Thanks very much. Great lesson for a beautiful song.

  7. john says:

    Best tutorial website around. 🙂

  8. eu gostei muito pela maneira de tocar. é fácil, muito obrigado. I love it so much. It´s so easy to play in this way.Thanks .

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