Working Class Hero – John Lennon

Chords Used:

Working Class Hero – John Lennon

Song Sheet:

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5 Responses to Working Class Hero – John Lennon

  1. Sebastian says:

    Alan, thank you so much for your work! Your tutorials are the best ones in the whole web!!!!!!
    For the girl who wants the pdf: You just have to install an extension to your browser. If you use Opera, for example

  2. Why can’t we donwload the PDF file for chords and lyric?

    • alan says:

      Because I post them as png image files from Word file screenshots – it is the easiest and quickest way for me (my time is precious as the videos take so long to produce) 🙂

  3. Ian T says:

    Another great lesson.
    Cannot wait to start.
    I am a BSA ScooutMaster and always looking for songs for the campfire.
    Have to change one word but what a great lesson.
    Thank You

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