Take It Easy – The Eagles

Chords Used:

Take It Easy – The Eagles

Song Sheet:

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Alan (Guitar Tutor Man).

4 Responses to Take It Easy – The Eagles

  1. sean dawson says:

    Hi Alan,
    have to say best website i’ve come across been playing about 3 yrs 46 yrs old but got to a stage where i wasn’t improving struggle with strumming patterns etc.Without looking a chord sheets how do you know what chords would come next or does that just come with experience,i would love to play the guitar for friends but always have a sheet in front of me.

    • alan says:

      Hi Sean, thank you for your kind words. I wouldn’t worry about playing with a songsheet in front of you; I do it all the time (I created a small flipchart that I attach to my mic stand when I play live). Loads of well known artists also use songsheets (and auto cues) when they perform too. Best wishes with your playing – Alan 🙂


    Nice style of video plus chords and strumming pattern for beginner/intermediate like me ( at 63) been learning a couple of years only

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