Save The Last Dance For Me – The Drifters

Chords Used:

Save The Last Dance For Me – The Drifters

Song Sheet:

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3 Responses to Save The Last Dance For Me – The Drifters

  1. Dennis Read says:

    Hi Alan thank you for that i will give it a try .

  2. Dennis Read says:

    Hi i decided to learn to play simple guitar tunes two years ago on my 60th Birthday . I have practised nearly every day since then . I still have trouble with some chords but enjoy trying anyway . I found your you tube site recently when looking for new songs so i could practice chord changes . I find it easier to practice chord changes when learning songs . My biggest problem is trying to learn bar chords . It may be my age but my fingers find it difficult to make bar chord shapes . But i will persevere as i just love practising . Thank you . Dennis .

    • alan says:

      Hi Dennis, thank you for your comment and for subscribing to my YouTube channel. Bar chords are always a pain when learning but there are a few things you can do to make them easier. You can use light or extra light guitar strings on your guitar so you do not have to apply as much pressure to them to get a clean sound. You can also get the action adjusted on your guitar which will bring the strings closer to the fret board, again making it easier to fret the chords. I hope this helps and wish you all the best – Alan 🙂

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