Hate Street Dialogue – Sixto Rodriguez

Chords Used:

Hate Street Dialogue – Sixto Rodriguez

Song Sheet:

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5 Responses to Hate Street Dialogue – Sixto Rodriguez

  1. Noe says:

    Do you Play the bb chord down down or down, down, up before changing to a7?


  2. Indra says:

    Hello Alan,

    Thanks for all the videos, they are great!
    But I have a little suggestion:
    I think it will be nice and more useful if you can see the chords above the strumming arrows, so you can see when you have to change to which chord.
    Like this:
    C E G
    ? ? ? ? ? ?
    I hope you consider adding this to your upcoming videos, so they will be even more useful.


    • alan says:

      Hi Indra, your suggestion has merit but I do provide songsheets that show when to change chord above the lyric. Adding anything else to the videos would simply take up too much of my time (each video takes up to 10 hours to produce). Best wishes – Alan 🙂

      • Indra says:

        Hey Alan,
        I know, the songsheets are very useful!
        And I understand it would take up to much time.
        Good luck with your lessons!

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