Amazed – Lonestar

Chords Used:

Amazed – Lonestar

Song Sheet:

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3 Responses to Amazed – Lonestar

  1. J Cano says:

    Wanted to donate to the go fund me. I’m from the USA and your web site shows British pounds. Then the only selection that is even close is the United Kingdom. I want to help out but I had a specific amount in mind. To me it is a little confusing. Wish I could donate in US currency.

    • alan says:

      Thank you, United kingdom is the correct option and you can use the currency converter in the “Donations” section of the site so you can be sure of the amount you donate. Best wishes – Alan 🙂

  2. Stephanus says:

    Hi Alan,

    Firstly thanks for the tutorials you do

    Quick question with this song. I am struggling with the strumming and just wondering if you could break down the strumming pattern into the the 1-4 or 1-8 beats of the song. I can see the directions of your strumming but the timing of it eludes me


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